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We're decentralizing everything on the planet. The bad times did not come to stay, they came to pass.

We operate under the principle that God created the world and He did so for people to be free of authoritarians. We don't have to approach the bench, this is the Bench. A movement of openness that will surely help you reimagine your place on a planet full of God's beautiful creations. This is God's vision and our gift to you.

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Reinvent Humanity.

Arise was once thought to be a scam, now it has been reinvented and expanded for a much larger purpose than just a decentralized banking system. It's the one thing battling the deep state's control over our lives and the future of our families. Jared Rice's original vision for Arise is alive. When creating Arisen, we never believed people were dumb or falling for the deep state's same control mechanisms. We simply know that people are beholden to the system and in order to free the people, a network like Arisen was needed to free the chains from humanity. Now it's here, for the people themselves to expand upon. God's vision for Life, Communications, Governance and Finance.

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Reinvent Freedom.

We The People have God-given unalienable rights. These rights begin with our right to express ourselves, create things, own things and most importantly - say things. With more and more companies like social networks and hosting providers shutting down voices everyday, those of which may share differing opinions than these companies and/or platforms, it was time for things to change. With dWeb aka Web 3.0, this will never happen again.

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Reinvent The Economy.

Blockchains are more than just currency and they can be used for far more than just transactions and payments. In a world where content is king and online usership is at an all-time high, the question became -- how can people be paid for what they do online? The answer was dPay. You're no longer the product, you create them.

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Reinvent The Workspace.

Whether we realize it or not, governments around the world are listening to our phones and watching what we do on our computers, within the applications we use and know every single move we make, literally before we make it. They know what to advertise to us and it's not by accident. PeerOS gives you back the peace of mind you deserve.

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